Robert L. Vandegrift

Email:  search@xmission.com

I began genealogical research about 1977.  Maybe before. These were the days when we reviewed records by microfilm and with books, etc..  Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of material. There is much on this web page,

But now, I’m getting old — at present, 91. I’m trying not to lose a lifetime of interests and, therefore, making some of it more available for family, friends, etc.

I am getting it down into books. The first three are available on Amazon.

My Home is in the House of Cancer
The History of the First Baptist Church of Bountiful, Utah
Early Utah Air National Guard History

The following books are finished and available on CD at present but hope to have them published soon.

The History of Utah Bonnett Ball
Four Generations of Nancy Willard Vandegrift
My Reynolds Family

WANDERLUST, historical vignettes about the founding of small towns in America, is available on audio CDs.

Upcoming projects will be histories of my Vandegrift and Colby families.

For further information about any of these, please email me at search@xmission,com,