History on a Bottle


They Say … There’s Nothing New Under the Sun.  Maybe not … but how about recording some of your history on a bottle?  That is sort of new.

It’s more unique and personal than a family crest.  The bottle is melted in a kiln and prepared to hang flat on a wall.  The front depicts the picture and the back side is a vignette of explanation.  It can be a piece of family history – or personal history.  It can depict a special person or event.  Create something important to you.

How about recording your first love?  Do you ever think about your first car being a first love?

Another love might be a special person – perhaps, a grandmother.

Perhaps, a love may be a special pet, with a picture on the front and some thoughts on the back.

Do you have a special ancestor who served in the military?

It can be something new for you to hang on the wall for all to see … and remember.

Contact me about bottle art created just for you.