Vandegrift Genealogy

It is legend that Willem came to America during the 1760’s, and landed on the Ohio River where Portsmouth was later built.

Legend that William, the Dutchman from the River, took a wife.  She gave him two sons, first Leonard, secondly, George.  George did not survive boyhood but Leonard gave William great posterity, who lived in all regions of the nation, and other countries.

But it was legend, and after reviewing a number of documents, I believe the following represents my ancestors:


Anthonis Van der Grift, birth unknown

Evert Anthoniusz Van der Grift, born 1558, Charlois, South Holland, Netherlands

Leendert Evertz Vandergrift, born 1587, South Holland, Netherlands

Jacob Leendertsz Vandergrift, christened 23 Oct 1622, Amsterdam, Holland

Leendert Jacobse Vandergrift, born 1655, New Amsterdam, New York

Jacob Vandergrift, born 1679, New Amsterdam, New York

Leonard Vandergrift, born 1718

Ebenezer Vandergrift, born 1753 or 1754, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Leonard Vandegrift, born 17 May 1799, Uniontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania

Evans Rutherford Vandegrift,  born September 30, 1843, Camp Creek Township, Pike County, Ohio

Elza Edward Vandegrift, born April 23, 1877, Dunlap, Morris County, Kansas

Evans Clarence Vandegrift, born November 12. 1901, Wood Lake, Cherry County, Nebraska

Robert Lowell Vandegrift, born November 27, 1928, Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska