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John Conlee, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
When I first met Bob, he had been diagnosed with colon and liver cancer and was given a short time to live. This grim prognosis only seemed to fuel Bob’s spirit and inspire unshakable determination and commitment to beat the odds. I was just starting to use imagery with cancer patients when Bob devised a novel approach to visualization. Our collaboration comprised only one aspect of Bob’s compelling journey. His book provides a down-to-earth account of how one man did beat the odds.


My Books on Amazon: A Smidgen of Early Utah Air National Guard, Bonnett Ball, Bountiful First Baptist Church History, Four Greats: Volume 1 (Willard & Ridgman), Four Greats: Volume 2 (Woodiwiss & Simpson), My Home is in the House of Cancer, My Roff & Lowell Family.
Other Family Histories (PDF at present): Our Colby Family, Love in a Cedar Chest, Meader/Meeder Family History, My Life, My Reynolds Family History, My Vandegrift Family (Vol I & II)


I am going to try something different. I have selected two histories to make available In PDF format, “Our Colby Family” and “My Vandegrift Family, Volume I.” The pages are 8.5 x 11. The Colby book has 180 pages and the Vandegrift book has 279 pages. There is no set-price for the history. I would appreciate a contribution but that will be your choice.


Our Colby ancestors very well may trace to the May Flower. Another early Colby ancestor family was the Owen family who arrived in 1622. Sylvanius Owen was a minuteman during the Revolutionary War.
Colby was the name of a place long before it was the name of a man.
“Clarence Enos Colby was born a few miles south of Plainfield, on a farm his grandfather, Colby, who had built the fine old home in 1843. … Schooling in those days, in that region, had to be irregular. The boys were needed in farm work, the girls in housework. Yet there was great respect for education and the parents did their best by the children.”


This book also contains information about our history with the Mayflower; Descendants of Anthonis Van der Grift; and Ancestral information. Chapters 3 through 8 relates to the Vandegrift families of Mary Ann, Emzey, Isabelle, Samuel, Rebecca and Evelina.
These histories are informative and interesting. There are many stories, pictures, obituaries, etc.