Born circa 1760 in Holland


William, the Dutchman from the River, took a wife. She gave him two sons, first Leonard, secondly, George. George did not survive boyhood but Leonard gave William great posterity who lived in all regions of the nation, and other countries.

Leonard and Mary produced seven sons and eight daughters. Five of their children died young and one son died during the War of the Rebellion. Nine of their children married and produced children.

The following chart lists these nine children and the surnames of their descendants.


PHILIP – Unknown

MARY ANN – Allison, Babcock, Bell, Birkett, Brown, Cowell, Crha, Cswercko, Delisi, Djupstrom, Drewry, Dudley, Ferrill, Finuf, Goodwin, Gross, Holcomb, Huiatt, Hunter, Jeffrey, Koch, Latshaw, Lawson, Lewis, Maldonado, McBeath, McCarthy, McDonough, Meyer, Miller, Moffett, Morton, Padgett, Patricks, Patton, Plummer, Ramsbottom, Rehwinkel, Rodgers, Sardaro, Sheets, Shields, Synstad, Townsend, Tucker, Vierling, Vogt, Wells, White, Wild, Williford, Wisener

EMZEY — Akin, Allen, Armstrong, Bammes, Carlson, Craven, Cravin, Crocker, Crosley, Drevets, Dubish, Edde, Eddinger, Erickson, Gatti, Given, Grable, Graft, Hammarlund, Hammond, Hayne, Hinz, Holliday, Howard, Hutley, Jernigan, Kelly, Lassman, Loeckle, Losey, Luchsinger, McComas, McKinney, McMillin, Merritt, Neff, O’Donnal, Ostrander, Paas, Parent, Rawson, Rhoton, Robison, Samuelson, Sausen, Scheleen, Smith, St. Cyr, Stewart, Tarwater, Taylor, Terhune, Thompson, Underwood, VanPelt, Wentworth, White, Williams, Wilsnack, Wilson, Woehler, Woods

ISABELLE – Artz, Ausiello, Ausiello, Axel, Baldt, Cameron, Dehnhoff, Doll, Frazier, Green, Hammond, Hanoka, Heivner, Kaduk, Kaman, Marker, McInroy, Noel, O’Donnell, Penick, Perotti, Quinn, Redner, Robison, Simpson, Smith, Steffey, Strickland, Swanstrom, Teglia, Worley

SAMUEL — Auchard, Banister, Bartness, Beard, Belcher, Bishop, Boston, Brecht, Brink, Brothers, Brown, Bunton, Burnett, Cammy, Cashmer, Christophers, Cooke, Dunbar, Ellsworth, Eskew, Farrow, Glasner, Herndon, Holocker, Holt, Joines, Korenek, Lance, Little, Lopez, Lygrisse, Lyons, McCall, McConnaugh, McNeely, Miller, Moore, Moss, Nichols, Ocker, Orr, Osmon, Pratka, Prochnow, Queen, Roberts, Sabbatino, Schaffer, Seager, Somers, Stareck, Stewart, Strarup, Thomas, Tjden, Tyler, VanArsdale, Vandegrift, Walker, Watson, Wolf, Worley, Yates

REBECCA — Birkett, Combs, Jones, O’Neill, Plummer, Ramsbottom, Rosen, Utzerath

EVELINA — Baird, Batterton, Deiter, Doyle, Evans, Hamilton, Harper, Johnston, Kofoid, Kofoid, Kuhn, Larsen, Marker, McInroy, Pearl, Perry, Ross, Schwartz, Simpson, Vogt

EVANS — Adamson, Bahensky, Barnes, Bankston, Barbee, Belville, Benner, Bierhaus, Brandenburg, Boltz, Boon, Cafarelli, Caldwell, Carbajal, Carbuhn, Casselman, Christensen, Dalechek, Clark, Day, Deffries, Drapolik, Duncan, Edwards, Egging, Eliason, Erskine, Evers, Foell, Folk, Foster, Gee, Gillette, Hedman, Hepner, Hart, Holt, Hunt, Keller, Kogele, Kulow, Lafriniere, Larsen, Lastovica, Lee, Mack, MacLeod, Maddox, Marsh, Martin, McCain, McCarty, McCurdy, McHargue, McKee, McLean, Montgomery, Otto, Peay, Perry, Peters, Pfoutz, Porter, Purser, Rasmussen, Riddle, Reynolds, Rud, Russon, Salas, Sealey, Seymour, Shaw, Smith, Spano, Swanson, Vandegrift, Wagner, Waldrop, Walling, Westerfield, Westwood, Wiegert, Wissbaum, Wunderlich, Wold, Zimmerman

LEONARD — Allen, Anderson, Bradley, Chandler, Clemmons, Cohn, Dautel, Dodge, Faulder, Ferdig, Folden, Harding, Hart, Hartley, Henning, Kapperman, Marble, Holland, Hudzick, Jenkins, Koch, Larkins, Larsen, Lloyd, Mask, Mayhew, McColery, McEnroe, Reed, Rethemeyer, Ross, McElfresh, Norgaard, Nunley, Penna, Salts, Shellabarger, Starlin, Steward, Titus, Upthagrove, Stephens, Vandegrift, Vowels


The numbers at the left represent the numbers of pages, or partial pages, of the subject listed.
33 A Legacy
1 Descendants
13 Preface
47 Total
3 Cemeteries
4 Gilmer County Cemeteries
7 Leonard
1 Rutherford – 1810 Census
1 Rutherford Censuses
20 Rutherford Genealogical History
22 Rutherford History
11 Rutherford History – 2
20 Vandegrift-Rutherford Study
89 Total
1 George
2 Descendants
1 Neal, George
1 Vandegrift, Nancy Brown
4 Total
1 Barr Family
28 Descendants
4 Gross, Hazel Wisener
1 McBeath, Clifford
2 Patton, Tommy
1 Plummer Burials in Pottawatomie County
1 Plummer, Cynthia J
1 Plummer, James E Descendants
1 Tucker Obituary Research
1 Wisener, Walter – WW I
41 Total
41 Descendants
1 Lassman, Frances
5 St. Cyr, Harry M
47 Total
1 Axtell, Patricia grave
15 Descendants
1 Heivner, Lee R grave
1 Heivner, Nellie grave
1 McInroy, Earl M grave
1 McInroy, Rose grave
1 Quinn, Elsie & Patrick grave
4 Robison, Eugene
1 Simpson, Alfred & Etta grave
26 Total
3 Burr History
1 Cookson Extracts
31 Descendants
1 Farrow, Charles grave
13 History of Lawson
1 Lygrisse, Victor F grave
1 Marriage Record
1 Marriages Sedgwick County
1 Nelson, Peggy Sue obituary
3 Ocker Graves
1 Ocker, Eunice grave
1 Ocker, Harold grave
1 Ocker, Laura M grave
1 Ocker, Lewis E grave
1 Ocker, Paul R grave
1 Ocker, Samuel A – WWI
1 Ocker, William grave
1 Octker, Maude grave
2 Osmon, Myrna Loy
7 Pictures
1 Strarup Marriages
1 Tjaden, Mary grave
1 Vandegrift, Elsworth grave
1 Vandegrift, Samuel grave
5 Vandegrift, Samuel, Bible Records
2 Vandegrift, Samuel, Biography
36 Vandegrift, Samuel, Military
3 Vandegrift-Reeder
1 Watson, Ann Marie grave
124 Total
8 Descendants
16 O’Neill Family
1 O’Neill, Vivian Eulalia
8 Pictures
33 Total
5 Willis
11 Descendants
1 Doyle, Evelina, Baptism
5 Doyle, John
1 Doyle, John – Letter
1 Tucker, Judith
19 Total
2 Bahensky, Gerald
2 Bahensky, Joseph
25 Bierhaus
23 Davis, Edward (1/2 pp)
92 Descendants
2 Keller, Evans
1 Keller, Oliver J
34 McCain History (1/2 pp)
3 McCain Search
5 McCain
3 McCain, William – Census
72 McCain, William (1/2 pp)
1 McClean
9 Montgomery, Samuel
52 Pictures
3 Preponderance of Evidence
26 Vandegrift, Bob -14 Years
31 Vandegrift, Evans C
18 Vandegrift, Lois Reynolds Vandegrift (1/2 pp)
404 Total
1 William J
30 Descendants
10 Pictures
40 Total
93 Obituaries
2 Surname List
47 William
89 Leonard
1 George
4 Philip
41 Mary Ann
47 Emzey
26 Isabelle
124 Samuel
33 Rebecca
5 Willis
18 Evelina
404 Evans
1 William J
40 Leonard J
94 Obituaries
2 Surname List
978 Total

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They Say … There’s Nothing New Under the Sun. Maybe not … but how about recording some of your history on a bottle? That is sort of new.

It’s more unique and personal than a family crest. The bottle is melted in a kiln and prepared to hang flat on a wall. The front depicts the picture and the back side is a vignette of explanation. It can be a piece of family history – or personal history. It can depict a special person or event.

I was born in 1928 and some things are confusing to me. I don’t even understand everything about my cell phone. I also haven’t been able to figure out how to put pictures on WordPress but I do know how to use email.

If you would like information about genealogy or history on a bottle, let me know. I will email you some illustrations.